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Health Benefits

Nutri Snax has been produced using 100% natural ingredients. We source our ingredients from reputable Irish suppliers. Only the healthiest ingredients have been carefully selected and combined to create this deliciously light toasted cereal to enhance health in abundance.


Our Bakery

Our bakery is a state of the art modern facility and all products are produced with an awareness of good hygiene standards. We following the guidelines set by HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point). We are licensed and regulated by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland,...



'The risk of death from coronary heart disease is lowered by half in people consuming nuts at least once a day'

Nutri-Snax 75g ‘Breakfast on the go’ original

Nutri-Snax 75g ‘Breakfast on the go’ original


Same ingredients as 400g cereals, this handy bowl shaped tub with spoon is designed for busy consumers, to take breakfast with them. Just add your own choice of yogurt or milk, or have as a healthy snack to nibble on throughout your day.

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