Snacks High in Protein

Only the best 100% natural Ingredients are used in our snacks with high protein

Snacks high in protein are undoubtedly the most sought after commodity produced by Nutrisnax. Protein slows digestion, keeps your blood sugar steady and keeps your cravings at bay. Our High protein bars are produced from local ingredients and will provide you with the best nutrients protein snacks have to offer. As leading health food suppliers Ireland we offer healthier option snacks high in protein to health food shops throughout Ireland and UK. As consumer interest continues to rise in this area, NutriSnax is at the forefront of new product development regarding snacks high in protein.

Skipping snacks high in protein may lead to overeating and is one of the biggest causes of excess weight gain. NutriSnax use the finest high protein ingredients 100% natural and sourced locally from our trusted Irish suppliers

Have your Snacks High in Protein produced by NutriSnax

Most common protein snacks on the market today contain artificial flavorings with a high sugar content. NutriSnax produce protein bars without the use of additives, preservatives or hydrogenated oils. We use only natural ingredients such as pumpkin seeds, a variety of mixed nuts like almonds and pistachios (higher in protein) and whey protein. By using natural ingredients our snacks high in protein have high levels of protein and vitamins. Our new breakfast bars are also a good source of protein made from Irish porridge oats and healthy nuts among other nutritional ingredients.

Nutritious Homemade Snacks high in protein by Nutrisnax

Snacks High in Protein


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Snacks high in protein

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