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Healthy Snacks low in sugar by NutriSnax

According to a recent report by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland the majority of Irish people have been on a slow and steady road to improving their lifestyle by increasing their intake of nutritious foods and reducing their intake of fatty sugary foods. In response, NutriSnax have created a new range of snacks low in sugar such as our new biscuits low in sugar and our newly developed breakfast bars which are a combination of natural wholesome ingredients, both low in sugar and high in fiber, helping you to look good and feel great throughout your busy day.

NutriSnax use only the healthiest  ingredients to produce snacks low in sugar. Sesame seeds, oats, wheat germ and sunflower oil, all of which are rich in nutrients, low in sugar and sourced from our reputable Irish suppliers.

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Other popular snacks low in sugar produced by NutriSnax include our wholesome oat bars. Our low fat oat bars are made from locally sourced Irish porridge oats which ensure a nutritious slow releasing energy, a great healthy snack for all the family. Nutrisnax’s vegetable crisps also make delicious snacks low in gugar, especially for those who prefer a crisp low in fat and high in nutrients. Our gluten free crisps are made from fresh vegetables, vacuum fried at low temperatures which reduces carcinogens and maintains each vegetables original flavor, color and nutrition.

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Snacks Low in Sugar

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